Five Day One

5day1A friend of mine tagged me for a 5-day art challenge. I’m so busy these days that I don’t even have time to draw anything new for this site let alone an art challenge. But I was told that old art is ok for this one and while looking for something to post I cam along a few unused pieces from a project that is currently on the back, back, waaaay back, left burner.

I won’t name the project here because names often change and some concepts get switched up. Sometimes even up to the last minute.

Anyway, this is a color test and perhaps one of the reasons I stay away from color in my work. Not because I was disappointed with it as much as it took so long and was such a hassle just to get to this point. I’m sure someday I’ll commit to a color project, tho.

Thoughts on Comitia 111

IMG_6083A big thanks to everyone who came out to Comitia 111 earlier this month. I met a lot of nice people and generally it was a really positive vibe. I should mention that unlike last fall’s Comitia 110, when the International Manga Fest was held, there was no foreign artist’s section. I was in with all the Japanese artists and whether it was the mixed traffic of people just looking for comics not necessarily in English or the books I had at my table this time out, I feel there was a slightly better response to me and my work. So basically, there is no advantage to segregating artists based purely on country of origin. I’ll be attending Comitia 112, another non-segregated comic expo on Tuesday, May 5th.
In other news, I’ll be working on a new project for the next few months and because of the really tight deadlines, I’ll be posting a bit less on the site. There is always INSTA and TWITTER tho and I should be posting on that every couple of days even if it’s just a proof-of-life post.
Lastly, Tim Young, over at Deconstructing Comics, did a podcast review of WEIRD CRIME THEATER. Was totally surprised but really pleased he took the time. Thanks, Tim! You can listen to the review HERE. And you can buy the comic HERE!

Comitia 111

With Comitia Comic Expo happening next Sunday, I’m in the home stretch prepping for my second ever table at a con. That map IS a bit small/hard to read; click for a close up! I’ll be at table せ16b, at the end of an aisle with lots of traffic.
Like I mentioned in the last post I’ll have plenty of those postcards to share with anyone who comes by. I’ll also have Weird Crime Theater and Elbis books for sale and maybe a few surprises as well…
The first Comitia Comic Expo I attended was the International Manga Fest of November 2014. Essentially the same expo just with an international component. I’m not sure what to expect this time around as an American in a domestic comic con with mostly comics in English, but I did feel so welcomed by the last expo that I’ve decided to join all of the Tokyo Comitia expos of 2015.
You can get more info/directions to the event in English HERE.

Hope to see you there!

Writing Again

mindgator1.18.15With the new year and as Weird Crime Theater winds down, I begin to look to new projects. As some of you may know, I worked on Mindgator all though 2013 and produced some 54 pages of web-comic for this site. I had a blast and I learned a lot in that weekly production grind. Looking back on it, I was quite happy with the first 30 pages or so and I also liked some of the ideas in the latter half of the story. But I was far from finished when Weird Crime Theater pushed it off my schedule.
Although I’ve talked on this site about different ways I’d like to finish/edit the work, it really is all just an amorphous idea until it’s on a page staring back at me. More to the point, here’s my plan for Mindgator this year: I will produce The Mindgator as a series of 4 short, art house comix. My idea here is to make a print version of the book with no online or digital component. It’s not that I dislike digital but more that I believe each story has a specific format. The ideas I have for this set of books might not be translatable to digital formats. I must admit that the experience of bringing Weird Crime Theater into the analogue world also had a profound influence on how I view design and book creation.
That being said, I still have a lot of writing/re-writing and re-drawing/drawing to do. Some things that need just ever so slight a nudge and some things that need to be dumped wholesale. So get a good look, kiddies. The unfinished on-line version of the story is about to go off-line. Not sure when but soon. At least before I launch the kickstarter.


Hit the ground running as the new year began and things look like they’re only speeding up from here!

I’ll be with table at Comitia on February 1st. If you’re in Tokyo or there about, please do drop by and say hi! I’ll be handing out the image above as a postcard/calling card to everyone passing my table while my supply lasts.
This will be my second con in Tokyo and the first of many this year. It’s a con mainly for Japanese comics. Where as, last con was an International Comic Festival, this one is not so much. It also looks like my table will be much better situated than in November. I’ll be at the end of one row, facing the isle. I’m sure I’ll stick out because of my dreadlocks and being a non-Asian foreigner in Japan.

Here we go!

Happy New Year!

Long time, no see. I’ve been working really hard over the last year and have accomplished a lot. Some of it (Weird Crime Theater) is already for sale in the shop and other projects will be shortly.
I’d like to say however that my days of neglecting the site are over as the remnants of last year’s workload come to an end. Yes, I will never neglect the website again! Promise! As long as nobody throws me a giant project that I can’t post on the blog about. <hint, hint>
I am currently revamping the site as well. You can see that I’ve added twitter and instagram feeds in the sidebar. I’ve decided to rejoin the twitter community as a speaking, thinking person and stop just spamming them with instagram re-posts. I’ll also be opening the shop soon. For now if you’d like to buy a copy of Weird Crime Theater, you can follow the link HERE or you can find it in the COMIX page. Sorry for the inconvenience.
But on to bigger and better. If last year was any kind of sign, this year promises to be amazing with many wonderful things to come. Some from me, some from you and some from people we haven’t even met yet.
One last thing, I’ve started to sell at comic festivals in Tokyo. The first one was in November 2014. The next one will be Comitia on February 1st, 2015 at Tokyo Big Site. Here for details in Japanese. Here for English. I’ll update with more details on this site as I get closer to the show date.

See you there!