Samurai Cricket Says…

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Leaping lizards! We’re 9 days out from the big finish…. And like Samaurai Cricket says, the Mindgator needs you.

Check it HERE!

I’m honored to be at 72% at this point in the game and I want to thank everyone who has pledged so far. And I’ve got to give extra special thanks to all those who increased their pledge from the signed tier to the sketched tier or beyond as well as to those who just threw in a couple of extra bucks.

But we’re not out of the woods yet – we still have another $920 to go. So I’d like to ask: Can you bring along all your best otaku friends? Do you know any comic lovers hungry for a cyberpunk thrill ride through future Tokyo?

The Mindgator needs you!

Half Way There!

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A self-portrait!

The modern artist in his bike-riding gear, he is full of stories and wonders from gig to gig like a vagabond.  And yeah, I really do always have a whirlwind of comic pages whipping around me.

This is an example of the “YOU + SKETCHED BOOK” Tier where I paint you as a character from The Mindgator universe. That and so much more at The Kickstarter. Check it out!

The Mindgator Kickstarter is now at a solid 53%. We’re getting close but we’ve only got 15 days left!

Kickstarter Update!

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This is a press release I’ve been putting around the web and I thought I’d post it here as well so everyone could see what I’ve been up to. My hope is that it not only embodies my philosophy on comics but also explains why I’ve decided not to make a PDF or otherwise digital version of the book. I hope you’ll agree.


Books should be read, not scrolled


A great book is called a “page-turner” not a “scroller”. The shape, format and printing technique can be a work of art that serves the story being told. In this era of fondle pads, the true book stands apart from something scrollable. The readers become an active, integral part of the story as they move through the pages.


The MINDGATOR is a comic of secrets and hidden treasures for the reader to discover. The story revolves around one central question: Would you help that stranger standing next to you at the stoplight if he suddenly collapsed? Or just move on when the light turned green?

In The MINDGATOR, we meet Miguel, a man still recovering from that time his luck ran out, who tries to redeem himself by helping a stranger only to realize he’s stumbled into a much larger plot that would destroy his beloved city Tokyo.


And it’s those stunning Tokyo panoramas that are presented so beautifully in The MINDGATOR book. The American-born artist, Mulele Jarvis, has lived in Tokyo for 25 years. “It has this sense of the unending chaotic beauty that continuously unfolds the more you explore the city. Tokyo is a character as important to the story as the protagonist,” he explains. “I used the format of my book and the architecture of my story to convey that character.”

The book was designed to take advantage of the cinematic panoramas and truly breathtaking cityscapes painted in an ink-washed sumi-e style. The inside cover unfolds into a beautiful 90cm (36 inch) panorama of the Mindgator world, future Tokyo.


The MINDGATOR is on Kickstarter ( and is trending toward success but still needs help to make it toward the goal. Please head over to the site and pick up some of the awesome backer rewards ranging from a signed copy of the MINDGATOR to original or custom artwork.


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Hi! My kickstarter for The Mindgator has officially launched and is already off to an amazing start at just over 12% for the first 24 hours. Thanks to all my backers for an amazing first day!

But our work is far from over. If you haven’t been, please head over to the site and pick up some of the awesome backer rewards like the one above: the YOU and YOUR DREAM BIKE tier. Lucky backers can send me their photo, tell me their dreams and I will draw you on your dream bike in the Mindgator style.

This offer is a Kickstarter special and the only place I do custom designs, so don’t miss your chance as these reward tiers are limited.

There are various tiers with original illustration rewards and each illustration comes with either a signed or sketched copy of Mindgator: The Kiss (book 1) plus a set of 3 Mindgator postcards. You can check it out HERE!



The Mindgator reward tiers: post 1 of 2

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We’re just one week out from the launch of The Mindgator kickstarter! As we get closer to the launch, next Monday morning, I want to share some of the rewards I’ll have for backers.

Of course there’s a book tier featuring your own signed copy of The Mindgator Part 1, and you can also choose to have me sketch a character on an inside page and other drawing tiers. There will also be add-ons like stickers and posters.

But one of the more interesting backer-rewards is “You and Your Dream Bike”. You can join Miguel in the skies of future Tokyo riding your own custom-designed bike based on your ideas. The Mindgator is the story of the everyperson who want’s to do better. Here you can see yourself as one of the good guys riding high. Just send me some hints on how you’d like to see yourself, how your dream bike should be.

This post shows the first step in designing a bike and character. This one is based on my friend Noriko, who asked for the following things:

  1. The bike should be based on her favorite Japanese scooter, The Super Cub.
  2. Her cat should be riding on her shoulder.
  3. She should be wearing a cool leather jacket and riding boots.

Here, I’ve designed her bike and basic look in pencil. During the week, I’ll show you my inking process. The final product will be a beautifully rendered ink-washed painting showing Noriko on the bike of her dreams.

The Mindgator cast: post 3 of 3

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On the run from his past, Dean tries to make a new life in Tokyo but some things can’t be undone. “Make better choices”, his wife said. “Soon I‘ll be in no condition to keep running.” Dean needs cash quick. One last job just to get him and his wife on their way. All he had to do was smash and grab some data from a stupid bike messenger and they could have everything they need.

The Mindgator cast: post 2 of 3

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Mai, the mystery woman, believing in the righteous path. But what do you do when the path you thought you were on begins to twist around taking you ultimately to the destruction of everything you’ve fought for?

Anger — tempered only by the idea Mai must change it all before it’s too late. How did she ever let it spin so far out of control?

The Mindgator cast: post 1 of 3

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Meet Miguel, a carefree messenger on a flying-bike sailing through the skies of Tokyo in the year 2066. Only his scars hint to a past that he almost didn’t survive.
Flying home one night, he happened upon an old man shaking uncontrollably as he sat on the curb next to his bike. Something had clearly gone wrong. Miguel knew he should stop to see if the man was ok but he let it slide. He went on home and tried to forget it all, but the memory haunted him.
The next day Miguel went back to the scene, but of course the old man was gone and there was no way to know what happened to him. Miguel couldn’t help feel that in his inaction he had somehow failed. Next time he wouldn’t just let it slide.

Why Kickstarter?

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Kickstarter-pre-launch-post-2aComics are not created equally and one format does not fit all. I believe each comic should have its own design and character that is strongly connected to its story and core aesthetic. Editors, of course, don’t see it that way. It is easier after all to shovel everything along the conveyor belt into the same pre-formatted standard commercial packaging.

The Mindgator started as a webcomic on my own website (, but I always intended for it to be printed someday. As the story arc evolved and my work on it progressed, it became clear that the luxuriously panoramic Tokyo cityscapes needed to unfold across a two-page landscape spread. To create a book with that kind of unique format requires publishing with an independent mind. With that, this Kickstarter was born.

The Mindgator Kickstarter- Launching February 8th!

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Happy New Year! Here’s hoping that all of you enjoyed your celebrations as much as I enjoyed mine.

And for this New Year, I’ll be launching my first-ever Kickstarter campaign on February 8th. This campaign will print the first book in a 4-part series called MINDGATOR. Maybe you are among those who remember my earlier and much simpler web comic of the same name. But my vision of comics is that the book itself should be a work of art. A comic book should be a real book.

To this end, I did a limited test run of the first book, which sold exclusively in Japan to a lucky few collectors. Now I want to do a proper printing to introduce the MINDGATOR comic worldwide.

The MINDGATOR is a 4-part Sci-fi, adventure series set in 2066 when Tokyo has become an international hub. In Part 1, we meet Miguel, a devil-may-care messenger careening through Tokyo on his flying bicycle.

What if that stranger standing next to you at the stoplight suddenly collapsed? Would you help or just move on when the light turned green? More than once, I’ve looked away when I could have helped. In The MINDGATOR, Miguel is an ordinary man who made a choice to help a stranger — perhaps he is just doing that thing you wish you had done.

After chancing to rescue a mysterious woman from violent attackers, they retreat to Higashi-Nakano a lawless corner of Tokyo, where she can recover and Miguel can catch up with his buddy, the Professor of All Things to get his beloved bike repaired — but then caught up in a spiraling web of developments, he follows on through to become a hero.

This first Kickstarter will cover the printing of MINDGATOR Part 1 as a 32-page book. As we get closer to the launch date I’ll be releasing more info about the project, the reward tiers and goals. Keep watching — more details to come!!