Mindgator 2 update

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Just a quick progress report on The mindgator 2. I am diligently working away on  The Mindgator but much to my bittersweet joy the pages are beautiful and elaborate but are taking a bit more time to produce than I originally anticipated. I am now looking to complete The Mindagtor 2 in April.

Also, I’d like to introduce, Bhavatarani Somers-Jarvis, who will be helping me in the production of the book as Executive Producer. I’ve known her since we were kids. She is not only my friend and family member, she is also a formidable business person who will keep me on the straight and narrow.

Follow my instagram and twitter for art progress on The Mindgator 2.

Email Newsletter!

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Happy New Year! I hope you all gave a stellar send off to 2016 and are absolutely pumped for a wonderful 2017!

Quick announcement: the MULELE REDUX newsletter is coming! Yes, I’ll be writing you somewhat regularly (at least once a month, I hope), letting you know all the happenings here at Mulele Redux comics. Not only progress on the Mindgator series but also studio happenings and updates on new stories we launch. You’ll also get a nice digital illo with each letter that might not be available anywhere else. And I’ll let you know about new merch, sales and special deals on my site.

To sign up for the Newsletter just drop your email at the top of the sidebar and click GO!

Kickstarter Success!!

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The Kickstarter for Mindgator book 2 is now successfully completed at 106%.

Thank you to all the lovely backers who helped to bring this project forward. Now that the campaign is over, I’ll be working hard for the next couple of months to bring the Mindgator 2 to print. Our target for the book’s completion is February 2017 and should be sent to the backers shortly thereafter.

If you missed the Kickstarter, don’t worry. Even though the rewards that came with the kickstarter are gone, the Mindgator 2 will soon be available for pre-order on my website.

Thanks again for making the Mindgator 2 kickstarter a success; I’ll be back with updates and behind the scenes videos shortly.

Mindgator 2

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Kickstarter for Mindgator 2 is now LIVE!

A bit late posting here but The Kickstarter for The Mindgator 2 comic launched Sunday at 10:20pm JST (Japan Standard Time). A few last-minute technical difficulties slightly delayed our previously announced launch time, but now everything is running smoothly.

And the money is pouring in, right? Well, almost. We’ve had a good start, but we’ve still got a long way to go and really need your support.

This time, I’ve shifted the focus of the reward tiers to be a bit more inclusive. With Mindgator 1, I offered to draw you in Mindgator style but this time I want to draw you IN THE BOOK! You will be drawn in the book working with and sometimes against the main characters as bad-asses running the mean streets of Higashi-Nakano!

The Mindgator 2 is slightly longer and a definite escalation of the events in book one that even I did not predict when I set out to write it. I don’t want to give anything away but I do want to say that I am very proud of it and I hope you’ll join me in making this book an even bigger success than the last one.

I’ve been tinkering with video to demonstrate dome of how I work. The video below shows how I build the layers of a comic page.

Anatomy of a Page

End Part 1

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It’s been a while since my last update here but I wanted to make this official:
The Mindgator: The Kiss is complete!

All the illustrations and books are now on they’re way if not already in the hands of their owners, but sadly I realized too late that I didn’t photograph some of the illustrations before they were sent off. The video above is a small and wholly incomplete sample of the drawings I did for the wonderful backers of Mindgator 1.

If you have an illustration from me that wasn’t in the video, I would love it if you could be so kind as to send me a photo back. If you send a snap, I’ll put it up here or on my socials and we’ll share the bragging rights.

Thank you so much for all the support!
The Mindgator is on sale now in the shop!

AND be sure to tell your friends… MINDGATOR 2 coming in October!!

Mindgator Kickstarter update

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Hey there! Nice to take a moment to post again. Managing the Kickstarter campaign has been a whirlwind adventure with alternating moments of anxiety and exhilaration. Now I’m pushing really heard to get all the rewards together and mailed to all the wonderful people who backed my comic.

The first tier rewards, signed copies of the Mindgator, went out two weeks ago and I’m already getting glorious feedback from various places across the planet. Here’s one posted on Twitter:

@thepxd wrote,

Something arrived in the post today whilst I was at a Wedding. Almost don’t want to break that seal…

But I did open the seal of the package; & look at all this goodness!!!!!!

Man, that is some sweet music to a creator’s ears!

The next tier, sketched books is taking a little longer than I had estimated, but the first batch was mailed out Friday morning and the rest should be mailed on Monday. Here’s a couple of samples of what I’ve done for the sketched book tier. I’ll be posting more samples on my insta, Facebook and twitter accounts.

13064708_1142155255828554_6425171476517397318_o 13123298_1140927582617988_6999118675020491705_o

There’s a few more tiers with personalized artwork that I’ll be completing in June, but then — guess what? A new Kickstarter, that’s what!!

Mindgator, book 2 will be heading to its very own Kickstarter in mid-summer. The Mindgator is a 4-part series and I’ve been slaving away at the next installment. The story arc is set and the artwork is coming along. So I’m hoping to launch Kickstarter #2 in late June or early July. I’ll be updating with more information as we get closer to the launch date. Watch this space. The Mindgator Book 2 is coming soon.


Samurai Cricket Says…

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Leaping lizards! We’re 9 days out from the big finish…. And like Samaurai Cricket says, the Mindgator needs you.

Check it HERE!

I’m honored to be at 72% at this point in the game and I want to thank everyone who has pledged so far. And I’ve got to give extra special thanks to all those who increased their pledge from the signed tier to the sketched tier or beyond as well as to those who just threw in a couple of extra bucks.

But we’re not out of the woods yet – we still have another $920 to go. So I’d like to ask: Can you bring along all your best otaku friends? Do you know any comic lovers hungry for a cyberpunk thrill ride through future Tokyo?

The Mindgator needs you!

Half Way There!

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A self-portrait!

The modern artist in his bike-riding gear, he is full of stories and wonders from gig to gig like a vagabond.  And yeah, I really do always have a whirlwind of comic pages whipping around me.

This is an example of the “YOU + SKETCHED BOOK” Tier where I paint you as a character from The Mindgator universe. That and so much more at The Kickstarter. Check it out!

The Mindgator Kickstarter is now at a solid 53%. We’re getting close but we’ve only got 15 days left!

Kickstarter Update!

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This is a press release I’ve been putting around the web and I thought I’d post it here as well so everyone could see what I’ve been up to. My hope is that it not only embodies my philosophy on comics but also explains why I’ve decided not to make a PDF or otherwise digital version of the book. I hope you’ll agree.


Books should be read, not scrolled


A great book is called a “page-turner” not a “scroller”. The shape, format and printing technique can be a work of art that serves the story being told. In this era of fondle pads, the true book stands apart from something scrollable. The readers become an active, integral part of the story as they move through the pages.


The MINDGATOR is a comic of secrets and hidden treasures for the reader to discover. The story revolves around one central question: Would you help that stranger standing next to you at the stoplight if he suddenly collapsed? Or just move on when the light turned green?

In The MINDGATOR, we meet Miguel, a man still recovering from that time his luck ran out, who tries to redeem himself by helping a stranger only to realize he’s stumbled into a much larger plot that would destroy his beloved city Tokyo.


And it’s those stunning Tokyo panoramas that are presented so beautifully in The MINDGATOR book. The American-born artist, Mulele Jarvis, has lived in Tokyo for 25 years. “It has this sense of the unending chaotic beauty that continuously unfolds the more you explore the city. Tokyo is a character as important to the story as the protagonist,” he explains. “I used the format of my book and the architecture of my story to convey that character.”

The book was designed to take advantage of the cinematic panoramas and truly breathtaking cityscapes painted in an ink-washed sumi-e style. The inside cover unfolds into a beautiful 90cm (36 inch) panorama of the Mindgator world, future Tokyo.


The MINDGATOR is on Kickstarter (kck.st/1SbcD8e) and is trending toward success but still needs help to make it toward the goal. Please head over to the site and pick up some of the awesome backer rewards ranging from a signed copy of the MINDGATOR to original or custom artwork.


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Hi! My kickstarter for The Mindgator has officially launched and is already off to an amazing start at just over 12% for the first 24 hours. Thanks to all my backers for an amazing first day!

But our work is far from over. If you haven’t been, please head over to the site and pick up some of the awesome backer rewards like the one above: the YOU and YOUR DREAM BIKE tier. Lucky backers can send me their photo, tell me their dreams and I will draw you on your dream bike in the Mindgator style.

This offer is a Kickstarter special and the only place I do custom designs, so don’t miss your chance as these reward tiers are limited.

There are various tiers with original illustration rewards and each illustration comes with either a signed or sketched copy of Mindgator: The Kiss (book 1) plus a set of 3 Mindgator postcards. You can check it out HERE!