ELBIS and The Orphan Daughter of Time


ELBIS and The Orphan Daughter of Time

This book is the square-bound, Japanese Language edition. Re-edited and updated for Japanese readers and collectors.

Available HERE!

Part experiment in storytelling, part exploration of self, ELBIS is the story of Life, the sweet hereafter and the true nature of cats.
What started as a simple picture book of a supernatural cat, over a 2-year journey, culminated in this 44-page exploration of suicide and the healing power of cats.

People often ask me if I have some special feeling for cats or other animals.
No, not really. But I do think animals are cool. The have a different perspective to ours. Like they’re hip to what’s going on. The humans are just faking it but the cats know what’s really going down in the world.
Not my first time in the company of cats but it was the first time I had noticed a “neko no kaigi” or cat’s meeting. I hear they happen all over the world, cat’s just meeting up in small groups at night, all silent and sly, but nobody knows why.
What exactly is a cat? What are they up to? What is the relationship between cats and humans? It was really intriguing. In this small book, I answer these questions.

Comitia 113

comitia113-mapIt’s been a week and a half since Comiket 88 and I’ve hardly had time to catch my breath but COMITIA 113 is coming up this Sunday! I’ll be there with my usual bag of tricks plus I’ll have copies of the new Japanese edition of elbis for purchase. Find me at Table: U18a.

Comiket 2015

Holy cow! I’ve got my first ever table at the world’s largest Comic convention! There are so many exhibitors there’s a lotto system just to get a table. But the Gods of Comix have smiled in my direction and I’ll be there! To celebrate I’ll be there with some Comiket-only items you won’t want to miss. If you are in Japan on August 16th make sure you swing by my table: お16b.
I’ll be posting updates as I get closer to the day. Hope to see you there!


0201Sometimes between posts, grand schemes for blog content and weekly or even daily posts wash over my mind. And as I work through projects with deadlines a bit too tight for my liking, I put the idea of updating my website on hold till I could find time to sit down and really write. But then, both time and my grand scheme escaped me.

Yeah, it’s been way too long but now that I’m done with the recent project and all of its deadlines, I can sit here and play with my own ideas again.

It’s not often that life gives you a chance to go back, rethink your way out of those hairy situations and miadventures that have brought you to the place you are now. In fact, most of what occupies my mind these days is either how I got here or where I’m going. And every clue that helps me discover my way forward instantly seems so obvious that I should have known it years ago.

That’s not to say that I’m unhappy though, far from it. It’s just the realization that most of my happiness lies on the pages I’ve written and drawn. It’s something that just doesn’t come from the pixelated version. To that end, as much as I enjoyed making Mindgator as a webcomic, print makes me much happier and this comic really needs to be printed. So I’ve decided to re-work the story and fully expand ideas I had begun in the web version. My intention is to publish this on my own as a 4-issue comic that will see the completion of all the story lines and character arcs I previously initiated but had not fully developed.

I’ve re-worked the first 32 pages and collected them into what I’ve tentatively called issue 1, which has already undergone a short-run test printing. The two panels above are a taste from the first page of Mindgator 2, which — sorry folks — will never be a webcomic. But with a little luck and help from a kickstarter, it should be out in August along with Mindgator 1.

Five Day One

5day1A friend of mine tagged me for a 5-day art challenge. I’m so busy these days that I don’t even have time to draw anything new for this site let alone an art challenge. But I was told that old art is ok for this one and while looking for something to post I cam along a few unused pieces from a project that is currently on the back, back, waaaay back, left burner.

I won’t name the project here because names often change and some concepts get switched up. Sometimes even up to the last minute.

Anyway, this is a color test and perhaps one of the reasons I stay away from color in my work. Not because I was disappointed with it as much as it took so long and was such a hassle just to get to this point. I’m sure someday I’ll commit to a color project, tho.

Thoughts on Comitia 111

IMG_6083A big thanks to everyone who came out to Comitia 111 earlier this month. I met a lot of nice people and generally it was a really positive vibe. I should mention that unlike last fall’s Comitia 110, when the International Manga Fest was held, there was no foreign artist’s section. I was in with all the Japanese artists and whether it was the mixed traffic of people just looking for comics not necessarily in English or the books I had at my table this time out, I feel there was a slightly better response to me and my work. So basically, there is no advantage to segregating artists based purely on country of origin. I’ll be attending Comitia 112, another non-segregated comic expo on Tuesday, May 5th.
In other news, I’ll be working on a new project for the next few months and because of the really tight deadlines, I’ll be posting a bit less on the site. There is always INSTA and TWITTER tho and I should be posting on that every couple of days even if it’s just a proof-of-life post.
Lastly, Tim Young, over at Deconstructing Comics, did a podcast review of WEIRD CRIME THEATER. Was totally surprised but really pleased he took the time. Thanks, Tim! You can listen to the review HERE. And you can buy the comic HERE!