WCT Field Report #3: Dead Poets

I worked on DEAD POETS SOCIETY toward the end of 2005 and most of 2006. I remember this story was originally 16 pages or something like that. At that time it seemed way too short and the Cerebus cameo was only 1 or 2 pages. Everything was soooo tight. I think that was the first time I asked Kumar to change the length of the story so it’d have some breathing room.
But that was 9 years ago. Today, it looks quite roomy and I think a 16 page story might have been okay. But the Cerebus cameo grew to 3 pages and are pretty well done so I wouldn’t change those.
Still, this was just the third story. The characters have developed quite a bit as has my drawing of them. The “old-manness” of Granny became much more evident in later stories. Perhaps a reflection on my own age as I started this project at the tender age of 32 and am now writing this at the ornery age of 43. To that point, Granny has always been older than I and as a 30-something, He was a 40-something. Now that I’m a 40-something, Granny must be in his 50s.
Melissa, of course, is a high school girl. And although her age hasn’t really changed that much, I feel that she looks more like a freshmen in the first story and more like she is on her second go round as a senior in the last few stories.
For the sake of continuity, and to alleviate what feels to me like some “eye-sore” art, I’ve made some corrections. In fact, more than a few on this story in particular. Some of them being subtle face-lifts of the main characters and some complete re-dos of panels that just didn’t work.
Below are a few of the changes next to their originals. Can you tell which is which?


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WCT Field Report #2: Origins

In 2002, it had been a few years since my American comics debut and I was beginning to envision new characters and stories for my next project. One night, I was watching Schwarzenegger in Conan the Barbarian at a friends house. I got to thinking it’d be cool to make some epic sword action comics. But how about instead of Conan it was a high school girl who thought she was Conan?
At the time I was also thinking of pairing her up with another character I had in my head based on a musician I liked/like. The idea was to make some kind of X-files throw back. I could tell stories with these two and add social commentary about how “The Man” was trying keep our heroes down. In fact, the idea was that they’d be thrown in to ever worsening situations because their boss figured it was more profitable to kill them off rather than fire them. But somehow they’d always come out unscathed.
Later, I told the idea to Kumar, who was interested in doing another comic after our short collabs in Dark Horse Presents #152, #153. He named the characters and began to flesh out the world and I started sketching characters based on his ideas that eventually became the first story.

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WCT Field Report #1

Welcome to the Weird Crime Theater Field Report.
In this series I’d like to talk about the process of making my first graphic novel. A behind the scenes look at my progress while drawing, editing and designing the book.
Past the giddiness of the kickstarter win and past the emotional highs that come with that, it’s now time to get to work. This week I’ve been looking at the pages I’ve drawn and looking for dips in continuity. For the most part I’m happy with the work I’ve done but this project wasn’t always drawn in the best of conditions and occasionally I wound up with panels like the first one below.
I’m not too sure what happened here but life was a bit of a roller-coaster back then. A lot has happened in the last 9 years. I’m now in a much better place both mentally and artistically. So I was able to redraw the panel in a much more dynamic and lucid manner. It is my hope that, although I believe there is something to the art produced at the “original moment” of comic production, the new panels will lend themselves to a better overall reading experience.
At this point I’m about one-third of the way through the book. The first stories needing the most work, are taking the most time. Things will begin to speed up shortly and I will be drawing the final 2 stories needed to complete the book.

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Well, my friends, sorry for the lack of updates on this site as of late, the campaign was intense! But now that dust has settled, I’m happy to announce that we’ve been successfully funded on Kickstarter and a gorgeous 142-page book is now forthcoming!

I’d like to thank everyone again for heir support both monetarily and mentally. We couldn’t have done this without you.

Over the next few months I’ll be working to get this project print ready and will be updating to this site weekly again. And check out my instagram and tumbler for more behind the scenes shots!

Stay tuned, friends, this is going to be awesome!

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Kickstarter Update #1


: This piece has already been snapped up. It was gone in less than an hour. Thanks!


Hi, Mulele, here. At 25% after just 2 days, I feel we’re off to a really strong start. I’d like to thank everybody who’s pledged so far for launching our Kickstarter in such grand style.

This illustration is a promotional piece for this Kickstarter campaign. It is also a sample of the illustrations I’ll be doing for the HOMICIDE and CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE levels. Of course those will be in black & white.

I am also offering this Illustration above to the first person who requests it for anyone who has pledged at the HOMICIDE level and wants this particular drawing as their pen sketch reward. I’ll even throw in a full color giclée print to go with the black & white line art for this piece.

(If we get multiple requests for it, it will go out on a first pledged, first served basis. We may do one or two more of these.)

We will be posting more art HERE as the campaign progresses, but if you need more instantaneous Mulele, I’ll is posting daily updates on art for the project and almost nothing else on my Instagram and Twitter: http://instagram.com/muleleredux or @muleleredux on instagram And @muleleredux on twitter.

A message from the writer:

My Fellow Droogies,

Well, we’re just over 48 hours in and the response has been dizzying! Both of us are sincerely grateful to all of you who have pledged or shared so far for your support. We are stoked!

If you have any thoughts, suggestions, or ideas for us, please do not hesitate to send us a message or post a comment.

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Weird Kick

Ladies and Gentlemen, the launch of our Kickstarter for:

Weird Crime Theater!

Weird Crime Theater is a near-psychotic fever dream collection of the comic book adventures of Granikos “Granny” Kinkade and Melissa the Conqueror – two low-paid subcontractors working for the government to terminate with extreme prejudice: sasquatches, mummies, paramilitary poets, Amelia Earhart, Inca-cursed blow-up dolls, robots, demon gangsters, stoners, Sploochies (don’t ask), fishermen, Glenn Miller, rogue Russian scientists, invisible cats, and decency.

image2A couple of years ago, 10 or even more at this point, a friend, Kumar Sivasubramanian and I had an idea to make a comic together. It was early in our careers and we had both dabbled in comics professionally at that point and had lots of ideas about what we wanted to see in comics. For me that was music-inspired spies and teen girls with broadswords. A kind of Conan meets Foetus, for those in the know. Numerous starts and stops and re-starts later we are nearing the completion of our idea.
This project has always been too sexy, too violent, too weird to find a home at most publishing houses. So we decided to collect all of our work on Weird Crime Theater, 15 incredible stories, into one awesome book and publish it ourselves!

For that, we need your help. Any support, even a $1 bid would help us immensely in reaching our funding goal. But pledging more would get you some awesome rewards. So just click on any of the comic pages below or the kickstarter button above to help us make our book a reality and see the fantastic rewards that you can make your own.

Here’s just one of my favorite stories from the book:



2011-11-22 2011-11-29

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Hiatus? What?!


Um, yeah. Things have been getting a little spotty with the posting around here all through January and it’s time for me to come clean. All last year I was pretty much left alone on the comics front and I could spend all of my time posting a page or 2 a week and that was working fine until my 52-pager became a 96-pager and I decided to continue the comic until the end of 2014. Around the end of last year Kumar and I decided to do a Kickstarter for WEIRD CRIME THEATER. On top of that I was really hot to start a new comic that I’ve been sitting on for so long I thought it was permanently stuck to my butt (that’d be PAREIDOLIA). I also got the call to do some paid illos for a Japanese textbook and, of course there was THINK OF A CITY kicking off the year.

All of this stuff really slowed down production on MINDGATOR and even began to thwart my plans for the launch of PAREIDOLIA. But now even more paid work seems to be coming my way and these things I can’t pass up. So as much as it pains me to do so, MINDGATOR is on hiatus for at least the next 6 weeks starting now. Some time in late March/early April I will be able to update my schedule.

In other news, I’ve finally made a logo for PAREIDOLIA. That comic will not be going on hiatus. Rather, it will continue at it’s current pace, 15-20 posts a month.

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The Mindgator!

And that’s how Miguel got his scar.
I’ll be making more of an effort to get back on a regular Friday schedule as soon as I can.
In other news, PAREIDOLIA almost through it’s first month.You can check it out HERE.

The Mindgator is a weekly Sci-fi Adventure comic written and drawn by Mulele Jarvis. Check it out HERE.

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Happy New year, everyone!

Think of a City: place, space, experiment, exquisite corpse; adventure.
A brilliant project I was delighted to take part in. Run by the wonderful Alison Sampson, Think of a City is “a Dérive to experience this city of the imagination, told page by page, by storytellers from around the world”.

Although I am number 011 in what is shaping up to be an awesome list of artists, this is the first picture I have drawn this year. And oh, what a year it is looking to be. Lots and lots of plans for things it’d be best not to disclose yet. Rest assured, this year is going to be very interesting, indeed!

Less I get too caught up in my own plans I should mention that this week’s Mindgator update will be a few days late. Sorry for the delays.

Lastly, I’m thinking to make a poster/print of the above image for sale at my shop in the very near future. Will keep you posted.

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Pareidolia is the bizarre and sometimes wonderfully macabre world of Ai Boku, a 26-year-old obi designer in Kyoto.

The story will unfold in small pieces and posts through the main character’s Instagram and Tumblr accounts over the coming year, 2014. The first post(s) will go up on January 1st 2014 and the last post will be December 31st 2014. For the most part these two social platforms will run in unison except when there are images deemed too risqué for Instagram and will accordingly only be viewable on Tumblr.

In November 2014, the story will culminate in a 20-40 page, slightly more standard-format comic that will run parallel to the Instagram and Tumblr sites.

This story is based on a friend, also named Ai, who requested to be drawn in a comic of mine some 15 years ago. Yes, I know. It’s been a long wait but it took sometime for the story, my schedule and inspiration to cross paths in a positive way.

For mature audiences. Just so you know.

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