Kickstarter Success!!

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The Kickstarter for Mindgator book 2 is now successfully completed at 106%. Thank you to all the lovely backers who helped to bring this project forward. Now that the campaign is over, I’ll be working hard for the next couple … Continued

The Mindgator cast: post 1 of 3

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Miguel Meet Miguel, a carefree messenger on a flying-bike sailing through the skies of Tokyo in the year 2066. Only his scars hint to a past that he almost didn’t survive. Flying home one night, he happened upon an old … Continued

The New Logo

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The last logo was a bit obtuse so I’ve to decided to make it all a bit clearer. The name of the company and this website is Mulele Redux. The Kanji in the logo is the single-character kanji for my … Continued

Comitia 113

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It’s been a week and a half since Comiket 88 and I’ve hardly had time to catch my breath but COMITIA 113 is coming up this Sunday! I’ll be there with my usual bag of tricks plus I’ll have copies … Continued


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Page 10 of The Mindgator is up! Setting up new characters and their motivations. The woman now has a name, “Mai”. We’ll be seeing more of her in pages to come. The Mindgator is a weekly Sci-fi Adventure comic written … Continued


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Move is all done and I’m settling in nicely but now NYCC is just a week away! And as I prepare to go, posting is getting a little sparse. Sorry about that. As I mentioned a few posts ago though, … Continued

Elbis Review

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The unstoppable Tim Young over at Deconstructing Comics with his brother, the mighty Paul, review Elbis. As Tim says on his site, “This episode, Tim and Paul roll up their sleeves and give [Elbis] a good ol’ fashioned (unbiased?!) critique!”


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Was out drinking in the park, as you do in summer, when along came a frog! I wasn’t expecting frogs in the middle of Tokyo. And certainly not such a large frog. Perhaps he was attracted by the beer in … Continued

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