End Part 1

Hi! It’s been a while since my last update here but I wanted to make this official: The Mindgator: The Kiss is complete! All the illustrations and books are now on they’re way if not already in the hands of their owners, but sadly I […]

The Mindgator cast: post 3 of 3

Dean On the run from his past, Dean tries to make a new life in Tokyo but some things can’t be undone. “Make better choices”, his wife said. “Soon I‘ll be in no condition to keep running.” Dean needs cash quick. One last job just […]

The Mindgator cast: post 2 of 3

Mai Mai, the mystery woman, believing in the righteous path. But what do you do when the path you thought you were on begins to twist around taking you ultimately to the destruction of everything you’ve fought for? Anger — tempered only by the idea […]

Comiket 2015

Holy cow! I’ve got my first ever table at the world’s largest Comic convention! There are so many exhibitors there’s a lotto system just to get a table. But the Gods of Comix have smiled in my direction and I’ll be there! To celebrate I’ll […]

Here we go!

Happy New Year! Long time, no see. I’ve been working really hard over the last year and have accomplished a lot. Some of it (Weird Crime Theater) is already for sale in the shop and other projects will be shortly. I’d like to say however […]

Weird Crime Theater Is Here!

The culmination of 12 years of tinkering with writer Kumar Sivasubramanian, this 150-Page Giant is a near-psychotic fever dream collection of the comic book adventures of Granikos “Granny” Kinkade and Melissa the Conqueror – two low-paid subcontractors working for the government to terminate with extreme […]


The first panel of a new project I’m working on,tentatively called, “SHAKA!” Not shaka, like Buddha but ShakA, like 「社歌」meaning “Company Anthem”. It is based very much on The Salaried Man print I recently put up in the shop. I expect this to start sometime […]

The Salaried Man Giclée

Printed on 198gsm Japanese archival paper, each print is pulled and checked, numbered and signed by the artist. Dimensions: 297 x 210mm This is a limited edition print of 10. Available only at the REDUX SHOP.

Elbis shirts! Didn’t you know?

A few days ago, a friend of mine was shocked to see that I was selling elbis shirts. That was kind of shocking for me, too. I have been selling these since May, 2012 and they’ve been in up at the redux-shop since June. Perhaps […]

Elbis T-shirt!

From the pages of Elbis, I bring you my first shirt. This shirt, completely self-produced, is hand silkscreened. This striking shirt is printed in grey and black with a red signature stamp on a white shirt. The graphic is 7 inches by 7 1/2 inches. […]