Mindgator 2

Kickstarter for Mindgator 2 is now LIVE! A bit late posting here but The Kickstarter for The Mindgator 2 comic launched Sunday at 10:20pm JST (Japan Standard Time). A few last-minute technical difficulties slightly delayed our previously announced launch time, but now everything is running smoothly. And the money is pouring in, right? Well, almost. […]

Mindgator 2

Kickstarter Update!

Hi, This is a press release I’ve been putting around the web and I thought I’d post it here as well so everyone could see what I’ve been up to. My hope is that it not only embodies my philosophy on comics but also explains why I’ve decided not to make a PDF or otherwise […]

Why Kickstarter?

Comics are not created equally and one format does not fit all. I believe each comic should have its own design and character that is strongly connected to its story and core aesthetic. Editors, of course, don’t see it that way. It is easier after all to shovel everything along the conveyor belt into the […]


Happy New year, everyone! Think of a City: place, space, experiment, exquisite corpse; adventure. A brilliant project I was delighted to take part in. Run by the wonderful Alison Sampson, Think of a City is “a Dérive to experience this city of the imagination, told page by page, by storytellers from around the world”. Although […]

Higashi Nakano

In today’s episode I present to you, Higashi Nakano. The symbol under the title on the comic page is the actual flag of Nakano. Yeah, the wards of Tokyo actually have flags. The Mindgator is a weekly Sci-fi Adventure comic written and drawn by Mulele Jarvis. Check it out HERE.

Potato Power!!

Alternative fuels and the power of starchy foods. Though I hear that lemons actually work better than potatoes for fuel. Apparently apples work, too! The Mindgator is a weekly Sci-fi Adventure comic written and drawn by Mulele Jarvis. Check it out HERE.

Hey, is this thing on?

Page 16 of The Mindgator went up the day before yesterday. Sorry I didn’t mention it on the main page sooner. …Aaaaaaand page 15 went up last week! I know, I know. At least the comic posts themselves were not late. I’ll try to be a little more on top of these announcements from now […]