Tokyo Types

Half Way There!

A self-portrait! The modern artist in his bike-riding gear, he is full of stories and wonders from gig to gig like a vagabond.  And yeah, I really do always have a whirlwind of comic pages whipping around me. This is an example of the “YOU […]

The Salaried Man Giclée

Printed on 198gsm Japanese archival paper, each print is pulled and checked, numbered and signed by the artist. Dimensions: 297 x 210mm This is a limited edition print of 10. Available only at the REDUX SHOP.

King of the Streets

click to enlarge A few years ago I was in Ikebukuro, Tokyo. I came across a homeless man lying on the sidewalk, sleeping. I had seen him before- there are many homeless in Ikebukuro. But then I noticed- he had a really nice necktie. His […]

In Bloom

Hello! Yes, it’s been a while since my last update- 9 whole months! And in that time a lot has happened. Most of that is personal so I won’t start confirming rumors here but I do have some new projects coming up. ELBIS will be […]

Tokyo Types

Tokyo Types is the culmination of 20 years living in Japan. For all the years I’ve spent drawing and re-imagining my favorite city, I now populate it with real people: friends, people I’ve met and strangers who’ve crossed my path. I have provided the order […]