Kickstarter Update!

Hi, This is a press release I’ve been putting around the web and I thought I’d post it here as well so everyone could see what I’ve been up to. My hope is that it not only embodies my philosophy on comics but also explains why I’ve decided not to make a PDF or otherwise […]

Thoughts on Comitia 111

A big thanks to everyone who came out to Comitia 111 earlier this month. I met a lot of nice people and generally it was a really positive vibe. I should mention that unlike last fall’s Comitia 110, when the International Manga Fest was held, there was no foreign artist’s section. I was in with […]


Happy New year, everyone! Think of a City: place, space, experiment, exquisite corpse; adventure. A brilliant project I was delighted to take part in. Run by the wonderful Alison Sampson, Think of a City is “a Dérive to experience this city of the imagination, told page by page, by storytellers from around the world”. Although […]

Big Sights!

What an amazing week! On the 20th I went to The International Manga Fest at Tokyo Big Sight in Tokyo. I met/spoke to a lot of artists. All of them wonderful. It really gave me a sense of foreign-comic-artist community I hadn’t realized was in Tokyo/Japan before. My friend Tim and I interviewed all of […]


This week, we edge closer to the dark mysteries of Higashi-Nakano and questions still unresolved. Specifically, what happened to Miguel and Mai after Miguel’s daring rescue? Did Miguel’s bike survive the rough landing? What was that strange dog about last episode? The Mindgator is a weekly Sci-fi Adventure comic written and drawn by Mulele Jarvis. […]


So, I’ve been working on the mindgator comic pretty much constantly. There was a story outlined and even pages drawn before I started but somewhere in the posting of pages I realized a lot of the larger themes breathing just beneath the surface of my story. Some unexpected left-turns were made to answer those themes […]