Mindgator 2

Mindgator 2

Kickstarter for Mindgator 2 is now LIVE! A bit late posting here but The Kickstarter for The Mindgator 2 comic launched Sunday at 10:20pm JST (Japan Standard Time). A few last-minute technical difficulties slightly delayed our previously announced launch time, but now everything is running […]

The Mindgator cast: post 3 of 3

Dean On the run from his past, Dean tries to make a new life in Tokyo but some things can’t be undone. “Make better choices”, his wife said. “Soon I‘ll be in no condition to keep running.” Dean needs cash quick. One last job just […]

Five Day Five

And Finally, I’ll end the five day art challenge with a clip from yesterday’s post project. I plan to make this one in a couple of years. Not that it isn’t ready in my heart and mind, I just need to do a couple of […]

Five Day Four

“En”. Yet another project I’ve put on hold to, as George Lucas put it, “…wait for technology to catch up.” If this ever makes it to print, you’ll know why.

Five Day Three

A sample I did for a writer just over a year ago. The story was something to do with a fisherman who finds a mermaid…

Five Day Two

Another bit of unfinished art from that untitled project that will probably see light some time around the year 2020. Here you can see a bit more of the plot as well as the protagonist.

Five Day One

A friend of mine tagged me for a 5-day art challenge. I’m so busy these days that I don’t even have time to draw anything new for this site let alone an art challenge. But I was told that old art is ok for this […]

Higashi Nakano

In today’s episode I present to you, Higashi Nakano. The symbol under the title on the comic page is the actual flag of Nakano. Yeah, the wards of Tokyo actually have flags. The Mindgator is a weekly Sci-fi Adventure comic written and drawn by Mulele […]


This week, we edge closer to the dark mysteries of Higashi-Nakano and questions still unresolved. Specifically, what happened to Miguel and Mai after Miguel’s daring rescue? Did Miguel’s bike survive the rough landing? What was that strange dog about last episode? The Mindgator is a […]


So, I’ve been working on the mindgator comic pretty much constantly. There was a story outlined and even pages drawn before I started but somewhere in the posting of pages I realized a lot of the larger themes breathing just beneath the surface of my […]