The Mindgator cast: post 3 of 3

Dean On the run from his past, Dean tries to make a new life in Tokyo but some things can’t be undone. “Make better choices”, his wife said. “Soon I‘ll be in no condition to keep running.” Dean needs cash quick. One last job just […]

Why Kickstarter?

Comics are not created equally and one format does not fit all. I believe each comic should have its own design and character that is strongly connected to its story and core aesthetic. Editors, of course, don’t see it that way. It is easier after […]

The Mindgator Kickstarter- Launching February 8th!

Happy New Year! Here’s hoping that all of you enjoyed your celebrations as much as I enjoyed mine. And for this New Year, I’ll be launching my first-ever Kickstarter campaign on February 8th. This campaign will print the first book in a 4-part series called […]

Five Day Two

Another bit of unfinished art from that untitled project that will probably see light some time around the year 2020. Here you can see a bit more of the plot as well as the protagonist.

Writing Again

With the new year and as Weird Crime Theater winds down, I begin to look to new projects. As some of you may know, I worked on Mindgator all though 2013 and produced some 54 pages of web-comic for this site. I had a blast […]


Well, my friends, sorry for the lack of updates on this site as of late, the campaign was intense! But now that dust has settled, I’m happy to announce that we’ve been successfully funded on Kickstarter and a gorgeous 142-page book is now forthcoming! I’d […]

Kickstarter Update #1

  UPDATE: This piece has already been snapped up. It was gone in less than an hour. Thanks!   Hi, Mulele, here. At 25% after just 2 days, I feel we’re off to a really strong start. I’d like to thank everybody who’s pledged so […]

Weird Kick

Ladies and Gentlemen, the launch of our Kickstarter for: Weird Crime Theater! Weird Crime Theater is a near-psychotic fever dream collection of the comic book adventures of Granikos “Granny” Kinkade and Melissa the Conqueror – two low-paid subcontractors working for the government to terminate with […]

Hiatus? What?!

Um, yeah. Things have been getting a little spotty with the posting around here all through January and it’s time for me to come clean. All last year I was pretty much left alone on the comics front and I could spend all of my […]


And that’s how Miguel got his scar. I’ll be making more of an effort to get back on a regular Friday schedule as soon as I can. In other news, PAREIDOLIA almost through it’s first month.You can check it out HERE. The Mindgator is a […]