Mindgator Kickstarter update

Hey there! Nice to take a moment to post again. Managing the Kickstarter campaign has been a whirlwind adventure with alternating moments of anxiety and exhilaration. Now I’m pushing really heard to get all the rewards together and mailed to all the wonderful people who […]

Half Way There!

A self-portrait! The modern artist in his bike-riding gear, he is full of stories and wonders from gig to gig like a vagabond.  And yeah, I really do always have a whirlwind of comic pages whipping around me. This is an example of the “YOU […]

The Mindgator reward tiers: post 1 of 2

We’re just one week out from the launch of The Mindgator kickstarter! As we get closer to the launch, next Monday morning, I want to share some of the rewards I’ll have for backers. Of course there’s a book tier featuring your own signed copy […]

ELBIS and The Orphan Daughter of Time

ELBIS and The Orphan Daughter of Time This book is the square-bound, Japanese Language edition. Re-edited and updated for Japanese readers and collectors. Available HERE! Part experiment in storytelling, part exploration of self, ELBIS is the story of Life, the sweet hereafter and the true […]

Five Day Five

And Finally, I’ll end the five day art challenge with a clip from yesterday’s post project. I plan to make this one in a couple of years. Not that it isn’t ready in my heart and mind, I just need to do a couple of […]

Five Day Four

“En”. Yet another project I’ve put on hold to, as George Lucas put it, “…wait for technology to catch up.” If this ever makes it to print, you’ll know why.

Five Day One

A friend of mine tagged me for a 5-day art challenge. I’m so busy these days that I don’t even have time to draw anything new for this site let alone an art challenge. But I was told that old art is ok for this […]

WCT Field Report #1

Welcome to the Weird Crime Theater Field Report. In this series I’d like to talk about the process of making my first graphic novel. A behind the scenes look at my progress while drawing, editing and designing the book. Past the giddiness of the kickstarter […]

Gonzo Comics

Although I’ve always had a plan for this comic, a plot I wanted to follow and had even tightly scripted the story six years ago, I’ve come to realize my style of writing is quite different from what I previously thought it should be. I […]

The Slow Hand Penetrates the Mind

And there you have it. 52 pages of comic. Once a week over the past year. Just a few weeks early due to a couple of double-page splash panels. Not bad considering output on Weird Crime Theater was much slower and took 9.5 years for […]