0201Sometimes between posts, grand schemes for blog content and weekly or even daily posts wash over my mind. And as I work through projects with deadlines a bit too tight for my liking, I put the idea of updating my website on hold till I could find time to sit down and really write. But then, both time and my grand scheme escaped me.

Yeah, it’s been way too long but now that I’m done with the recent project and all of its deadlines, I can sit here and play with my own ideas again.

It’s not often that life gives you a chance to go back, rethink your way out of those hairy situations and miadventures that have brought you to the place you are now. In fact, most of what occupies my mind these days is either how I got here or where I’m going. And every clue that helps me discover my way forward instantly seems so obvious that I should have known it years ago.

That’s not to say that I’m unhappy though, far from it. It’s just the realization that most of my happiness lies on the pages I’ve written and drawn. It’s something that just doesn’t come from the pixelated version. To that end, as much as I enjoyed making Mindgator as a webcomic, print makes me much happier and this comic really needs to be printed. So I’ve decided to re-work the story and fully expand ideas I had begun in the web version. My intention is to publish this on my own as a 4-issue comic that will see the completion of all the story lines and character arcs I previously initiated but had not fully developed.

I’ve re-worked the first 32 pages and collected them into what I’ve tentatively called issue 1, which has already undergone a short-run test printing. The two panels above are a taste from the first page of Mindgator 2, which — sorry folks — will never be a webcomic. But with a little luck and help from a kickstarter, it should be out in August along with Mindgator 1.