The Mindgator reward tiers: post 1 of 2


We’re just one week out from the launch of The Mindgator kickstarter! As we get closer to the launch, next Monday morning, I want to share some of the rewards I’ll have for backers.

Of course there’s a book tier featuring your own signed copy of The Mindgator Part 1, and you can also choose to have me sketch a character on an inside page and other drawing tiers. There will also be add-ons like stickers and posters.

But one of the more interesting backer-rewards is “You and Your Dream Bike”. You can join Miguel in the skies of future Tokyo riding your own custom-designed bike based on your ideas. The Mindgator is the story of the everyperson who want’s to do better. Here you can see yourself as one of the good guys riding high. Just send me some hints on how you’d like to see yourself, how your dream bike should be.

This post shows the first step in designing a bike and character. This one is based on my friend Noriko, who asked for the following things:

  1. The bike should be based on her favorite Japanese scooter, The Super Cub.
  2. Her cat should be riding on her shoulder.
  3. She should be wearing a cool leather jacket and riding boots.

Here, I’ve designed her bike and basic look in pencil. During the week, I’ll show you my inking process. The final product will be a beautifully rendered ink-washed painting showing Noriko on the bike of her dreams.

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