Hi! My kickstarter for The Mindgator has officially launched and is already off to an amazing start at just over 12% for the first 24 hours. Thanks to all my backers for an amazing first day!

But our work is far from over. If you haven’t been, please head over to the site and pick up some of the awesome backer rewards like the one above: the YOU and YOUR DREAM BIKE tier. Lucky backers can send me their photo, tell me their dreams and I will draw you on your dream bike in the Mindgator style.

This offer is a Kickstarter special and the only place I do custom designs, so don’t miss your chance as these reward tiers are limited.

There are various tiers with original illustration rewards and each illustration comes with either a signed or sketched copy of Mindgator: The Kiss (book 1) plus a set of 3 Mindgator postcards. You can check it out HERE!