Hey there! Nice to take a moment to post again. Managing the Kickstarter campaign has been a whirlwind adventure with alternating moments of anxiety and exhilaration. Now I’m pushing really heard to get all the rewards together and mailed to all the wonderful people who backed my comic.

The first tier rewards, signed copies of the Mindgator, went out two weeks ago and I’m already getting glorious feedback from various places across the planet. Here’s one posted on Twitter:

@thepxd wrote,

Something arrived in the post today whilst I was at a Wedding. Almost don’t want to break that seal…

But I did open the seal of the package; & look at all this goodness!!!!!!

Man, that is some sweet music to a creator’s ears!

The next tier, sketched books is taking a little longer than I had estimated, but the first batch was mailed out Friday morning and the rest should be mailed on Monday. Here’s a couple of samples of what I’ve done for the sketched book tier. I’ll be posting more samples on my insta, Facebook and twitter accounts.

13064708_1142155255828554_6425171476517397318_o 13123298_1140927582617988_6999118675020491705_o

There’s a few more tiers with personalized artwork that I’ll be completing in June, but then — guess what? A new Kickstarter, that’s what!!

Mindgator, book 2 will be heading to its very own Kickstarter in mid-summer. The Mindgator is a 4-part series and I’ve been slaving away at the next installment. The story arc is set and the artwork is coming along. So I’m hoping to launch Kickstarter #2 in late June or early July. I’ll be updating with more information as we get closer to the launch date. Watch this space. The Mindgator Book 2 is coming soon.