The Heron Maiden

Started with an act of kindness, continued in love and finished in betrayal— The Heron Maiden is a tale of the supernatural which inspired this new image. Inspired by the Thirty-Six Ghosts of Tsukioka Yoshitoshi, this new series reflects my exploration of the sweet hereafter.

The Heron Maiden Giclée

Printed on 198gsm Japanese archival paper, each print is hand pulled and checked, numbered and signed by the artist.
Dimensions: 297 x 210mm
This is a limited edition print of 10. Available only at the REDUX SHOP.

My own experience with the supernatural began with a friend telling me of one of the many Tokyo parks rumored to be haunted. The exact story is unclear to me now but there was a couple that died near or at the park and since have been seen standing at the entrance. More startling than anything else, I suppose. I go to investigate. No ghosts upon entering the park and for the first few minutes there I don’t feel anything. After a quick trip to the bathroom I notice two swings swaying in the wind. Or perhaps someone has just left and the swings haven’t settled yet. I wait a few more moments- there is n wind. The park holds its breath. The swings do not stop- do not slow. They are constant and perfectly uniform. I think I have found my ghost couple.

I stay there for another twenty minutes trying to document the swings motion with a still camera. Though I failed, the swings never stopped.

I have always puzzled why people are afraid of ghosts. Fear of the unknown? Perhaps, the fear of death itself, as if to protect yourself from the plague by distance from those clearly infected.

I have a much more romantic view of ghosts:

Transposing the two ghosts moving the swings for two people sitting in those swings I would imagine they were having a romantic evening. Even in death, the two still love each other. Did I witness a ghost-date?

Regardless of the actual intent of the ghosts in the park, I felt not fear but a sense of joy and warmth. And this, more than any other experience has colored my perception of ghosts.

3 thoughts on “The Heron Maiden”

  • I visited here several times and I gave up reading this because of difficult English. However, I tried to read it again. I couldn’t understand all, but I thought I might have been able to know only a part of your feeling.

    I don’t know if ghosts exist, but I’m afraid of ghosts except my parents’ ones. For no particular reason. I sometimes see my close people who passed away in my dream. I don’t have a fear to them.
    I sometimes feel even warm nostalgia. It was interesting for me.

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