Otomo Katsuhiro Genga Exhibit


Otomo Katsuhiro is in the last full week of his, first I’ve seen and last (I suspect) exhibition of his original artwork for his comic Akira.
Held for one month in Tokyo, I approached this exhibit with some trepidation at first. For me, at least, there are lessons to be learned here. See, thru his comics Otomo has been schooling me since I was 15 years old. So impressed with his comics at that age, I went home and started drafting a way to get to Japan. To make my mark in comics the Akira way. Foolish or not it was enough for me to get my ass to Japan and push my way through anime school. I created tons of manga and tried for years to get into Kodansha, The Marvel or DC of Japan, but they never seemed to like my comics and eventually, a friend suggested I try my luck with Dark Horse– I got my first gig from them.
But somewhere along the way I lost track of my original purpose in coming to Japan. This exhibition reminded me of the boy who fought so hard to come here. It reminded me of what I have yet to do. And after so many years of getting side tracked, I am inspired to create manga, again.
Some photos from the exhibit:

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