Move is all done and I’m settling in nicely but now NYCC is just a week away! And as I prepare to go, posting is getting a little sparse. Sorry about that. As I mentioned a few posts ago though, I am posting a lot on INSTAGRAM (muleleredux).
The picture above is a final poster for “EN” before I go.
I’ll not be posting on the site, of course, while I’m away. But follow me on TWITTER or INSTAGRAM to see all my updates from the big apple. See you in a couple of weeks.

1 thought on “EN”

  • Fascinated by your story and your art which I “discovered” via someone with whom I work on a website called “Beyond Calligraphy” and the article in The Japan Times on October 13th. We will continue to follow your progress, Dave Gosine from Tokyo and me, currently in Boston but back and forth to Japan. Welcome to The Big Apple, all good wishes for your continued journey. May your unique creativity find angels to float your makimono project.

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