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Mulele Jarvis


New York, San Francisco and Tokyo — all have served as home to Mulele Jarvis at various lifepoints; and the distinct cultures in each of these cities has contributed to shaping his unique vision. Using elegant layerings of past, present and future, Mulele creates a temporal surrealism that gives visual form to the impact of mythos and memory on the urban experience in a multi-cultural world. “It’s all just grist for popular culture,” Mulele says. “There’s an obsession with American and Japanese film behind my work, shorn up by a plethora of music, a smattering of comics and truckload of Ramen.”

2017 Conventions

Comitia 119 (Feb 12th)

Comitia 120 (May 6th)

Comitia 121 (Aug 20th)

Kaigai Manga Festa (Nov 23rd)

Comic Art Tokyo (Nov 25th)



Deconstructing Comics