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Five Day Five

And Finally, I’ll end the five day art challenge with a clip from yesterday’s post project. I plan to make this one in a couple of years. Not that it isn’t ready in my heart and mind, I just need to do a couple of […]

Manga artist wields ‘fude’ brush in samurai epic

click to enlarge Step off the plane, fresh from my vacation to new york and what do I find? An article about me in the Japan Times! You can read all about it HERE. Mentioned in the article, a segment of EN is pictured above. […]

Update #2

A quick update on “EN” as I move apartments.


A moment of calm before the battle begins to rage, again. Things are moving right along on “EN”. I’m about half way done with about a month before NYCC. As I’m not working on anything else right now, I’ll be dropping in with more previews […]


A snapshot from my new comic. Well, almost new. It’s still going to be a little bit before it’s ready but sometimes one of the side characters’ expressions just hits you. I imagine this little guy had a great sense of humor up until this […]

EN Part 1

Click for full view This is a small preview of my next comic entitled “EN”. Yes, violent, I know. I wasn’t sure if I should even put this up. Up until now, most of what I’ve put in this space has been cats and pretty […]


The very nature of everything. I am reminded of my time living in Shiga, Japan. I often went to Hikone, site of Hikone Castle. On my way, I’d pass Azuchi jo (安土城). From the road I could see a sign pointing up to an empty […]

En Poster

Here is the final(?) cover image for my next project— EN『冤』. I’ll be posting bits and pieces of the comic here and on the facebook fan page.


I shared this image on twitter a few days ago. It’s still in the sketch phase but now with a Japanese title: EN 『冤』which means injustice, hatred or death depending on who you ask. True to the title this is a tale of violent revenge. […]