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Mindgator 2 update

Mindgator 2 update

Just a quick progress report on The mindgator 2. I am diligently working away on  The Mindgator but much to my bittersweet joy the pages are beautiful and elaborate but are taking a bit more time to produce than I originally anticipated. I am now […]

ELBIS and The Orphan Daughter of Time

ELBIS and The Orphan Daughter of Time This book is the square-bound, Japanese Language edition. Re-edited and updated for Japanese readers and collectors. Available HERE! Part experiment in storytelling, part exploration of self, ELBIS is the story of Life, the sweet hereafter and the true […]

Elbis in Japanese Part 2

And now the second half of elbis is up on the site. You can catchup starting from the 2nd half of the comic HERE or start back at the beginning HERE. Hope you enjoy the comic as much as I enjoyed making it!

Elbis in Japanese

Yes. Elbis was originally intended for Japanese publication. That didn’t work out the way I had imagined but I still have the translated pages and now I share them with you. You can see the first half of the comic HERE. The second half will […]