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Five Day Five

And Finally, I’ll end the five day art challenge with a clip from yesterday’s post project. I plan to make this one in a couple of years. Not that it isn’t ready in my heart and mind, I just need to do a couple of […]

Five Day Four

“En”. Yet another project I’ve put on hold to, as George Lucas put it, “…wait for technology to catch up.” If this ever makes it to print, you’ll know why.

Manga artist wields ‘fude’ brush in samurai epic

click to enlarge Step off the plane, fresh from my vacation to new york and what do I find? An article about me in the Japan Times! You can read all about it HERE. Mentioned in the article, a segment of EN is pictured above. […]

Update #2

A quick update on “EN” as I move apartments.


A moment of calm before the battle begins to rage, again. Things are moving right along on “EN”. I’m about half way done with about a month before NYCC. As I’m not working on anything else right now, I’ll be dropping in with more previews […]


A snapshot from my new comic. Well, almost new. It’s still going to be a little bit before it’s ready but sometimes one of the side characters’ expressions just hits you. I imagine this little guy had a great sense of humor up until this […]

EN Part 1

Click for full view This is a small preview of my next comic entitled “EN”. Yes, violent, I know. I wasn’t sure if I should even put this up. Up until now, most of what I’ve put in this space has been cats and pretty […]


This piece is from an unpublished comic written by Dale Wilson of DWAP Productions. It’s been a while since I’ve looked at this project. Though I don’t have good memories from that era of my life there is a nice quality to the picture and […]

En Poster

Here is the final(?) cover image for my next project— EN『冤』. I’ll be posting bits and pieces of the comic here and on the facebook fan page.


I shared this image on twitter a few days ago. It’s still in the sketch phase but now with a Japanese title: EN 『冤』which means injustice, hatred or death depending on who you ask. True to the title this is a tale of violent revenge. […]